We support entrepreneurs and structure funding solutions for businesses that generate social and environmental impact

What we do

Developing entrepreneurs

Programa Inovadores de Impacto helps enhance the performance of startups that already generate revenue and social impact. Din4mo contributes to strengthen management practices, governance structures, and go-to-market strategies, as well as supports them in their efforts to capture additional resources to grow.

Investing in

Din4mo Ventures invests in startups that generate social impact mostly via equity crowdfunding platforms, leading the operation and contributing with 15% to 25% of the amount sought in any given round.

Investing Through

InvestSocial structures receivables securitization operations for businesses with a social and environmental impact.


Supporting Social Organizations

Din4mo Serviços upports organizations that wish to operate following the principles of businesses with a social and environmental impact by helping them refine their strategic thinking, define their impact thesis, and build their resource and sustainability plan.

How We Do

We believe businesses can be powerful contributors to social transformation

Strengthening entrepreneurs who lead impact businesses and are passionate about their dreams

Developing products and infrastructure for investors who wish to give new meaning to their investments

Seeking to inspire the ecosystem we take part in


People as core

Empiricism as a guiding force: truth is out there and with the client

Focused flexibility

Win-win solutions

Powerful distributed networks

Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs who support entrepreneurs


  • Business Model and Strategy
  • Financial Structuring
  • Blended Finance
  • Management


  • Market Intelligence
  • Information and Big Data
  • Impact Evaluation


  • Technology and Digital Inclusion
  • Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Governance and Team


  • Financial Management
  • Funding Raising and Structuring
  • Blended Finance
  • Process Management


  • Blended Finance Operations Support
  • Programa Inovadores de Impacto Support


Investor access to Din4mo invested companies

Programa Vivenda
Mais 60 Saúde
Impact Hub São Paulo
Simbiose Social


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